9 Best French Bulldog Rescue NC Shelters

french bulldog rescue nc

French bulldogs are becoming increasingly popular all over the US. They have great characters, their coats are easy to care for and their size means they are adaptable to most lifestyles. But where should you look if you live in North Carolina and are hoping to add a French bulldog to your family? Your two … Read more

Adopting Vs Buying a dog

adopting vs buying a dog

Once you’ve made the decision to bring a new dog into your home, the next big choice that you will face is where to get them from.  It’s an age-old debate but your two main options are rescue vs breeder. Will you buy a dog from a breeder as a pup or adopt one of … Read more

10 Best French Bulldog Rescue Florida

french bulldog rescue florida

Full of charm and charisma, French Bulldogs are increasingly popular as pets in the US. In fact, their popularity has exploded to the extent that they are now the second most popular US dog breed after Labradors- who’d have thought?!  Florida residents in particular adore their ‘Frenchies’ and they recently topped the charts as the … Read more

10 reasons dogs are returned after adoption

reasons dogs are returned after adoption

There are loads of great reasons to adopt a dog, for a start you are freeing up space in a rescue shelter for others in need and, in some cases, preventing dogs from being euthanized unnecessarily.  However, the reality is that sometimes adoption does not work out for either the adopter or the dog. There are … Read more