Can dogs eat Cheerios?

can dogs eat cheerios

Can dogs eat Cheerios? The answer is yes. Dogs can eat plain and wholegrain Cheerios.  There is no need to worry if your dog has eaten Cheerios, and no need to rush to seek veterinary advice unless they are displaying any adverse symptoms. Cheerios are designed for human consumption and although not harmful to your … Read more

Can my dog eat pancakes?

can my dog eat pancakes

Can my dog eat pancakes? If we’re talking about a pancake that isn’t fancy and loaded with extra toppings then yes, dogs can eat pancakes!  When we start delving into sugar filled pancakes made with chocolate chips, syrups and salty bacon then we have a different scenario on our hands.  However, to put it simply, … Read more

Golden doodle black: The complete guide

golden doodle black

Goldendoodles- what’s not to love?! Affectionate, playful and highly trainable, they are extremely popular in the U.S. Did you know that Goldendoodles do not have to be golden?! If you’ve ever wondered “Can a Goldendoodle be black?” The answer is yes, they can!  You may have arrived at this article wanting to find out more about … Read more

Can dogs eat Oreos?

can dogs eat oreos

The cookies we all know and love (with an optional glass of milk for dunking) sure are delicious, but can dogs eat Oreos?  No, dogs should not eat Oreos. It’s well known that dogs will eat anything that they can get their mouths around!  However, they are not so good for our canine friends. There are many … Read more

Adopting Vs Buying a dog

adopting vs buying a dog

Once you’ve made the decision to bring a new dog into your home, the next big choice that you will face is where to get them from.  It’s an age-old debate but your two main options are rescue vs breeder. Will you buy a dog from a breeder as a pup or adopt one of … Read more

Can dogs eat prunes?

can dogs eat prunes

So, can dogs eat prunes? In short, no – dogs should not eat prunes. Prunes have quite the reputation in the human world for helping with digestive problems, especially constipation. You might think it is logical if your dog seems to be struggling to pass feces that it’s time to reach for the prunes to … Read more

The Doberdoodle – everything you need to know!


Poodle crossbreeds have soared in popularity in recent years due to their cute looks, glorious personalities, and low shedding, hypoallergenic fur.  But have you ever heard of a Doberdoodle? Think of the curly wurly Poodle and the handsome Doberman … put them together and viola – the Doberdoodle is born!  Let’s explore their breed characteristics and find … Read more

How to find a reputable dog breeder

how to find a reputable dog breeder

Although there are many reasons to adopt a shelter or rescue dog and it is undoubtedly a rewarding and worthwhile thing to do, there are also many reasons why you may choose to buy a dog from a breeder instead.  You will know much more about the dog’s history, what breed it is and what … Read more

10 Best French Bulldog Rescue Florida

french bulldog rescue florida

Full of charm and charisma, French Bulldogs are increasingly popular as pets in the US. In fact, their popularity has exploded to the extent that they are now the second most popular US dog breed after Labradors- who’d have thought?!  Florida residents in particular adore their ‘Frenchies’ and they recently topped the charts as the … Read more

The Cavapoochon – everything you need to know!


Poodle crossbreeds have become increasingly popular on account of their low shedding coats, trainability, and quite frankly, how blinkin’ cute they are!  One breed that has soared in popularity is the Cavapoochon. Take the charm of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKC), the brains of the Poodle, and the small, tight coat of the Bichon … Read more