Super easy superfood dog biscuit recipe

dog biscuit recipe

The market is saturated with dog treats and to be honest, there are plenty of brands that are reputable and good quality. However, there are also many treats that are loaded with sugar, fat and a whole load of unnecessary extras. So, have you ever thought of making your own treats for your dog? Not … Read more

Dog Cupcake Recipe: Superfood Doggy Woofins

dog cupcake recipe

Dog owners love to spoil their dogs. Some owners buy their dogs a new lead, a new collar or even a funky harness.  However, I (and I’m sure many other dog owners across the globe) love going that extra mile by cooking them up a storm! This ‘superfood woofin’ dog cupcake recipe makes a delicious and … Read more

Carrot, pear and peanut butter dog treats recipe

peanut butter dog treats

Homemade treats for your dog are a great way to offer your pooch a reward while knowing exactly what’s in there. These fantastic peanut butter dog treats with oats also include some well-known superfoods for dogs – so they are not only enjoying a tasty bite, but they’re also getting a bunch of health-boosting nutrition. This homemade … Read more