can dogs eat biscuits?

can dogs eat biscuits

Can dogs have biscuits? Yes, dogs can eat biscuits, depending on what the biscuits contain.  Dogs will probably enjoy eating most biscuits, regardless of the ingredients they contain! However, some biscuits may contain harmful or toxic ingredients that will affect their health. Biscuits that are specifically manufactured for dogs often contain beneficial ingredients that are … Read more

Is lime bad for dogs?

can dogs have lime?

Can dogs have lime? No, dogs can not have lime. As a responsible pet owner you will naturally want to find out which foods are safe for your dog and which foods are potentially dangerous.  Dogs are instinctive scavengers and they can tolerate a wide variety of foods, including many of the things their owners … Read more

Can dogs have lobster?

can dogs eat lobster

Can dogs eat lobster? The answer is yes, dogs can eat lobster. However, before you let your dog share your lovely lobster dinner there are a few things to be aware of. There are pros and cons, as with many foods, to feeding your dog lobster and it is important to do your research first. … Read more

Are scallops good for dogs?

can dogs eat scallops

Can dogs eat scallops? Yes, dogs can eat scallops in moderation. Scallops can provide dogs with plenty of vitamins and minerals that can benefit your dog’s overall health.  Scallops should be offered as part of a wider and varied diet and should not be offered as a dog’s main source of food.  Let’s have a … Read more

Can my dog have bean sprouts?

can dogs eat bean sprouts

Yes, dogs can eat bean sprouts in moderation. Alongside a dog’s normal diet, there are different foods that can be added which may provide a variety of extra nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our dogs can benefit from.  Let’s uncover the benefits of bean sprouts for dogs! Table of Contents What are bean sprouts? Bean … Read more

Herbs and spices that dogs can eat

herbs and spices that dogs can eat

Herbs and spices have been used by humans for thousands of years, not only to add flavor to food but also for their health-giving properties.  We are well aware of the benefits of herbs and spices for humans, but what about our canine companions? What are safe spices for dogs? Are there herbs that are … Read more

Edamame for dogs – all you need to know

can dogs eat edamame

Can dogs have edamame? The answer is yes they can! Edamame is not toxic to dogs and can be offered to provide them with an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.  Let’s explore the wonders of edamame and discover what benefits it may offer for our furry friends.   Table of Contents What is edamame? … Read more

Are pretzels safe for dogs?

can dogs have pretzels

Can dogs eat pretzels? Can dogs have pretzels? In short, no, dogs should not be allowed to eat pretzels. Pretzels contain ingredients that can be harmful to a dog’s health, including high levels of sodium, excessive carbohydrates, and additional flavorings. Let’s look at why pretzels are not the most beneficial snack to offer your precious … Read more

Is chicken liver good for dogs?

can dogs eat chicken liver

Can dogs eat chicken liver? Yes they can and infact, chicken liver is one of best sources of protein that our dogs can get.  Organ meats in general tend to be brilliant sources of goodness for our canine friends including heart, kidney, spleen and even lung! Delicious.  Why is chicken liver so good for dogs? … Read more

Parsley: Can dogs eat it?

can dogs eat parsley?

Can dogs eat parsley? Yes, dogs can eat some types of parsley.  There are a variety of superfoods available that offer plenty of vitamins and minerals for dogs. These should be offered as part of a wider, more varied diet.  Food, such as parsley, can then be offered as a way of giving them a … Read more