Can dogs eat crab?

can dogs eat crab

Can dogs eat crab meat? The answer is, yes and no! Crab meat can offer a variety of benefits if added to a dog’s diet, but can sometimes present risks, depending on the dog. Crabs are crustaceans that live in oceans and freshwater. They have a thick exoskeleton offering them protection from predators, and two … Read more

Can dogs eat beets?

can dogs eat beets

Can dogs eat beets? The answer is yes they can! Beets can offer a variety of health benefits for our canine companions. Beets are a cultivated crop grown for human consumption and consist of a top leafy growth above ground and a taproot portion below ground. They have a variety of different names including; beetroot, table … Read more

Can dogs eat plantains?

can dogs eat plantains

While humans enjoy eating them, what about dogs? Can dogs eat plantains? To put it simply, yes plantains can be eaten by dogs.  Plantains are native to Southeast Asia but are also commonly grown and consumed in the Caribbean and Central America.  Plantains are a tropical, starchy fruit that are related to bananas and sometimes referred … Read more

Can dogs eat papaya?

can dogs eat papaya

It is well know that papaya is full of health-boosting nutrients and good for humans – but is it good for dogs? Here’s everything you need to know!

Can dogs eat okra

can dogs eat okra

As a dog owner it is essential that you know what is and is not safe to feed to your dog. Can dogs eat okra? Yes they can, here’s how to safely prepare and feed okra to your pooch…

Can dogs eat seaweed?

can dogs eat seaweed

Seaweed is known as a super food and has a huge number of benefits for humans – but can dogs eat seaweed? Well it’s yes and no, read on for more information about how to feed seaweed to your dog safely…

Can dogs eat pepperoni?

can dogs eat pepperoni

There’s no doubt about it – dogs are naturally greedy and most love to eat everything and anything. Dogs love cheese, they love chicken… but what about pepperoni? It’s definitely a good choice on pizza but perhaps not the best for dogs to eat. Dogs should not be allowed to ingest pepperoni. Let’s explore why … Read more

Can dogs eat potato skins?

can dogs eat potato skins

Can dogs eat potato skins? In a nut shell, yes and no. Potatoes contain a substance called Solanine, this can potentially be toxic to some dogs and can cause some very serious effects including gastrointestinal and neurological issues and though rare – it can cause death in dogs if left untreated. Though this does not … Read more