Micro Sheepadoodle: 12 Things You Should Know

Poodle crossbreeds are quite frankly, becoming a global phenomenon! You’ve got your cockapoos, labradoodles, goldendoodles, aussiedoodles, maltipoos … but have you ever heard of a micro sheepadoodle? 

These miniature breeds are totally adorable. Let’s delve into the wonderful doodle world and take a look at the care that is required for a micro sheepadoodle, how much they cost and everything else you might like to know!

Table of Contents

1. History and Origin of the Micro Sheepadoodle

The micro sheepadoodle is a mix of two different breeds; the Old English Sheepdog and the Miniature Poodle. It is thought that the breed originally appeared in the 1960s, with the initial purpose of being used in the US army.

The Old English Sheepdog was bred in England as a herding dog. The Poodle comes in 3 different forms, miniature, standard, and toy, and originated from Germany. The Poodle was originally bred for hunting.

The micro sheepadoodle is a rising popular breed due to their loving personalities, energetic nature, and ‘hypoallergenic’ qualities.

2. What do Micro Sheepadoodles look like?

The micro sheepadoodle has a fantastic personality. Combine that with its outstanding cuteness, you pretty much have a perfect family dog. The breed is stocky for a smaller breed, with a broad head and long ears. Their weight can vary between 10 to 24 pounds (4.5kg to 10kg) and their height can be between 15 to 16 inches (38cm to 40cm).

The breed’s most common coloration is a mixture of black and white. Other variations include white, brown, and sometimes gray. The Micro Sheepadoodle has a lifespan of around 13 to 16 years of age.

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13 - 16 years


black, white, brown, gray


15 - 16 inches


10 - 24 bs

exercise requirements:


grooming frequency:








good with children:


3. What is the temperament of Micro Sheepadoodle?

The micro sheepadoodle has a fantastic temperament and makes a great companion. With both of its parent breeds being loveable, clever and energetic, the micro sheepadoodle has inherited these brilliant traits.

Running, jumping, and agility are top of this breed’s agenda, with exercise being a top priority of the micro sheepadoodle. They are a great companion for children and other dogs within the family.

The breed can have a tendency to bark and protect their homes, making them ideal guard dogs. However, they have low levels of aggression and often react well to strangers within the home after they have been introduced. 

Separation anxiety can sometimes be an issue with micro sheepadoodles, as they become incredibly attached to their owners. Long periods of being left alone can often cause stress and depression. They are, however, incredibly loyal, caring, and loving to their families.

4. How easy is it to train a Micro Sheepadoodle?

The Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog are both highly intelligent breeds, and as a result, the micro sheepadoodle is easy to train. They often learn tricks and skills quickly through positive training reinforcement. 

High-value treats should be offered regularly throughout training sessions, with training only lasting 10-15 minutes to avoid boredom. 

Whilst they are young, training should be carried out as much as possible to raise a perfectly behaved pooch. Older dogs will still learn new skills and tricks if time and patience is invested.

Due to their breed originally being used for hunting, games such as ‘find it’ and ‘hide and seek’ can provide great mental stimulation for the animal. 

In contrast, sometimes micro sheepadoodle’s have a tendency to bite lightly or nip whilst playing. This is due to them originally herding cattle and sheep. 

The breed should be monitored for this behavior and appropriate training should be undertaken to stop this from happening. If it does occur, it might be beneficial to speak to a trainer or behaviorist for advice.

5. How much exercise does a Micro Sheepadoodle need?

Micro sheepadoodles have a high energy requirement, so plenty of time should be set aside for regular walks and human interaction. Two 30 minute walks twice daily would be ideal.

Swimming, agility, running, playing fetch, and mentally stimulating games will all help them burn energy. Interactive toys can also be used. A kong is a great example of this. Simply fill the kong toy with their favorite treats and let them get to work at trying to get them all out again.

6. How much grooming does a Micro Sheepadoodle need?


Micro sheepadoodles can have a variety of different coat types, with some consisting of tight curls and others having looser, wavy hair. Due to the lack of fur shedding, the coat can be prone to matting and knotting. 

This can often be painful, pulling on the dog’s skin. Ideally, the dog should be brushed at least once daily in order to remove dead fur from the coat. Conditioning sprays can also be used as a way of treating the fur and reducing knotting.


The dog’s eyes should be clear and free from discharge. Occasionally, a build up of dirt may solidify in the corner of the eyes which can easily be wiped away. 

Sometimes, the micro sheepadoodle may inherit extremely long eyelashes from the Poodle. These should be checked to ensure that they are not curling back on themselves and rubbing on the surface of the eye. 

If they do have long eyelashes, a groomer or veterinarian should be able to offer advice.


Inherited from its Poodle parent, micro sheepadoodles can sometimes have overly hairy ears. This can sometimes cause ear infections, swelling, and irritation. 

Some groomers will be able to pluck the hair out, or trim it down to keep it from growing. A trip to the veterinarian may be required if the ears are overly hairy and the dog seems irritated.

Otherwise, the ears should be routinely checked and cleaned if dirt is present. There should be little discharge and minimal smell from a healthy, unaffected ear.


A dog’s teeth should be white, free from debris and have no foul smell emitting from the mouth. The teeth should be brushed ideally once daily by using a specialized toothbrush and paste available online or from your veterinarian. Dogs have over 40 teeth and they should be maintained regularly.

Over time, plaque and tartar deposits can build up on the teeth. Dental chews can be a great way of combatting this, but speak with your veterinarian to see what they recommend as some chews can contain high fats and sugars. A brilliant, natural alternative can be dried fish skins.


A micro sheepadoodle’s claws should be checked regularly to ensure they are not too long. Sometimes, they can overgrow and curl back on themselves and grow into the foot pads.

A veterinarian or registered nurse will be able to show you how to clip the claws if you are wanting to try it yourself. Otherwise, a veterinary professional or a groomer will be able to do this for you. 

Walking your dog on a hard surface, such as sidewalks, will help to naturally file the nails down.

Anal glands

Poodles are predisposed to anal gland issues and this trait may have been passed onto the micro sheepadoodle. The anal glands are found within the dog’s anus and express when the dog passes faeces. 

The anal glands are a way of a dog scent marking their territory. Sometimes, these glands can fail to express correctly causing irritation. Common signs include shuffling their back end across the floor or licking at the base of their tail. If these signs occur, speak to your veterinary surgeon.

7. Micro Sheepadoodle nutritional needs

Feeding your dog the correct food is imperative to their growth and overall health. Micro sheepadoodles should be fed a well-balanced diet that is suited to their size.

Many dog food brands offer different formulations for different-sized dogs. It is also important to feed your dog a ‘neutered’ version of their usual food, if it is available. After neutering your dog, their metabolic rate is decreased and they can be more prone to weight gain.

Dry food may also be more beneficial for the micro sheepadoodle than wet food. Inherited from the Poodle, dental issues can often arise. By feeding a dry diet, it helps to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth because of the friction between the dry biscuit and the tooth.

Your veterinary surgeon will be able to recommend an appropriate diet.

8. Is the Micro Sheepadoodle prone to any health problems?

Mixed breeds, such as the micro sheepadoodle are generally less prone to health conditions in comparison to a purebred dog. This is because cross-breeding helps to dilute these common health conditions. 

On the whole, the micro sheepadoodle is usually a happy, healthy little pooch. Some conditions, however, may be passed from their Poodle and Sheepdog counterparts;

  • Patellar luxation – The patellar is found within the dog’s hind-limb joint and may also be known as the ‘kneecap’. Luxation means to be ‘out of place’ or ‘dislocated’. Patellar luxation can usually be corrected by an orthopedic procedure being performed. This involves deepening the groove in which the patella sits, reducing the risk of dislocation.
  • Addisons disease – Addisons disease is the common name for hypoadrenocorticism. Essentially, it is a decrease in the hormone cortisol produced from the adrenal gland found within the kidney. If addisons is detected, lifelong medication is required.
  • Ear infections – Due to their adorable but large, floppy ears, the micro sheepadoodle may be more prone to ear infections. The warm environment lends itself to bacteria and yeast growing within the ear.
  • Entropian – This condition is common within English Sheepdogs and is where the eyelid turns inwards on itself. The eyelid and eyelashes then rub on the surface of the eye. This condition would need surgical correction.

9. How much do Micro Sheepadoodles cost?

The cost of a micro sheepadoodle can vary greatly depending on size, coat color, and eye color. The price usually ranges between $1,000 to $4,000. Due to their rise in popularity, this breed is highly sought after.

10. Where can I get a Micro Sheepadoodle from?

Usually, the breed is most commonly purchased from a private reputable breeder who has recently had a litter. 

As a mixed breed, the Micro Sheepadoodle is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, however they will have breeders of Poodles and Old English Sheep Dogs listed. You could begin by contacting them to see if they know of any cross-breeders.

The good thing about contacting reputable AKC registered breeders is that generally speaking they will be a part of a larger ‘network’ of breeders and refer you to other reputable breeders, rather than those who do not follow best practice.

Another great place to look is the breed-specific groups and owners’ clubs you find on social media platforms. Facebook specifically have a number of groups dedicated to the breed. Search for ‘micro sheepadoodle’ and filter the results down by groups.

Speaking to other owners online is a great place to seek advice or ask any questions you may have about the breed, you will often find breeders within the groups, and of course, you can also ask the other members where they got their puppies from.

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11. Can I adopt a Micro Sheepadoodle?

While buying a puppy is lovely, there is a lot of great reasons to choose adoption.

Some rescue centers may have micro sheepadoodles available, with some rescue centers specifically looking to rehome and rescue this breed specifically.

There are a number of pet adoption websites that are used by all manner of rescue centers. It is often the first place they will go to advertise dogs they have in their care as they are able to reach a large audience.

Adoptapet.com, petfinder.com, and rescueme.org are the larger sites to look on, you can search by breed, location, and a number of other specifics. You can also set up email alerts to notify you when suitable listings are newly placed.

If you’re looking for more pet adoption websites click here.

As a popular and sought-after breed, you may need to have some patience if you are looking to adopt a Micro Sheepadoodle. However, as with any popular breed, the more there are, the more that will need re-homing, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye out.

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12. Pro’s and Con’s of the Micro Sheepadoodle


  • Smaller breed suitable for apartment living.
  • An all round fantastic dog, perfectly suited for family life.
  • Minimal shedding fur with hypoallergenic qualities.
  • Highly intelligent and able to be trained quickly.
  • Excellent with children.
  • Eager to please and completely devoted to their families.
  • Brilliant temperament.
  • Totally cute and absolutely adorable.


  • High maintenance coat needing regular grooming.
  • Can sometimes nip and bite.
  • Sometimes suffers with separation anxiety.
  • Expensive to purchase.
  • High energy levels which some owners may find challenging.
  • Herding tendencies and high chase response to other animals.

Overall, the micro sheepadoodle makes a brilliant family pet. As with any animal, a great amount of thought and preparation should be undertaken before adopting an animal, to ensure the correct time and care can be invested. 

On adoption of a new animal, always seek the help of a veterinary surgeon to ensure that your new friend has a clean bill of health!

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