Maltipoo rescue – 7 best places to find one

Maltipoo’s are ridiculously cute little bundles of fluff! They are a cross of two different breeds; the maltese and the miniature poodle. 

Maltipoo’s make the perfect pet for a variety of setups, from singletons to larger families, and from apartments to houses – they’re pretty adaptable. They are affectionate, playful and loving. Add the fact that they do not shed fur and you’ve pretty much got a perfect dog.

Finding a Maltipoo rescue might be a bit of a challenge, but not impossible. Maltipoos are highly popular and often come as puppies directly from a breeder. 

There are not many breed-specific Maltipoo rescue organizations but you may find that they do appear from time to time at those intended for Maltese or Miniature Poodles, here are our best places to look…

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Pet Adoption Websites

1, 2, & 3. Petfinder, adoptapet, and rescueme

Each of these web platforms allow individuals and organizations to list animals that are in need of a new home and are a great way for them to reach a large audience. 

For those searching they are a great tool as they are often the first place rescues will be listed, and their search facilities are comprehensive and allow results to be filtered by age, location, and breed. You can also set up alerts to notify you when a new listing is placed that fits your criteria. Remember, you may have to travel in order to collect a Maltipoo.

Whilst websites are a fantastic way of rehoming animals, it is always important to be careful and do your research on each shelter. It may be useful to read shelter reviews and visit them personally so that you can witness the conditions in which animals are kept.

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Maltipoo Rescue Centers USA

There are different shelters across the USA that may have Maltipoos available for adoption. These include:

4. Poodle Rescue Connecticut

Poodle Rescue Connecticut rescues Poodles and Poodle cross breeds, devoting their time to the health and wellbeing of the animals and finding them their new forever homes. Poodle Rescue funds neutering, vaccinations, grooming, and general healthcare while they are with them.

The adoption process follows 3 different steps. The first is reading and understanding the rescue’s process of adoption so that the adopter is aware of what the adoption protocol entails.

Once the adopter is happy with this, an application form should be filled out, providing as much information as possible. A volunteer will then contact the adopter to get a better understanding of the home environment, personal schedule, and reasons for wanting to adopt a dog.

Once the rescue center has approved the application, the adopter will be invited to meet a rescue dog at the shelter. A visit to the adopter’s home may also be required. Poodle Rescue Connecticut offers continued support post-adoption, to ensure that both the adopter and the dog are happy. 

The adoption cost can range from $350 – $600 with any donation above this used to fund future work. They encourage the adopters to stay in touch and enjoy seeing photos and videos showcasing the success of the adoption.

Poodle Rescue Connecticut Inc, P.O Box 188, Naugatuck, CT

(203) 729-8846

5. Florida Poodle Rescue

Florida Poodle Rescue was founded in 1994 by Patricia Bonati and Martha Harrington, and they have since re-homed over 10,000 Poodles and Poodle cross breeds. 

The organization rescues dogs who have been abused, neglected, or have become homeless. Neutering, vaccinations, and surgical procedures, such as dentals, are also carried out at the rescue, to ensure that all dogs receive the care and attention that they deserve. 

All dogs from the rescue are placed in foster homes until their permanent forever home is found.

This not-for-profit organization has a list of requirements that must be met before starting an application. For example, applicants must be over 21 years of age, all current pets within the adopter’s home should be neutered and adopters must be committed to the animal for the entirety of the animal’s life. 

The rescue also requires references which can include personal character recommendations as well as asking for a reference from the adopter’s current vets and groomers.

Home visits may sometimes be required in order to check the dog’s potential living conditions. Following the home visit, it may take a while for the adopter to be matched with a poodle cross, however, once a match has been found, arrangements will be made for the adopter to meet the dog in view of hopefully offering them a home.

Adoption fees range between $150 – $800 depending on what treatment has been required for each specific animal. As the organization is a charity, any donation amount over the required fee will help the rescue greatly.

Florida Poodle Rescue, PO Box 7366, St Petersburg, Florida. 33734

(727) 265-1766

6. Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue

Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue is an organization run by volunteers and funded by public donations. Leslie Clark founded the rescue in 2013 and has since rescued over 800 dogs. They rescue poodles and poodle cross breeds as well as non-shedding dogs such as Maltese, Shih Tzu’s, and Bichon’s. 

Each rescue animal is placed in a foster home before being relocated when adopted.

In order to be considered as an adopter, an application form must be completed, providing as much information as possible. If successful, the adopter is notified within 4 to 5 days and usually found a specific dog within 2 weeks. 

The rescue allows for out-of-state adoption but does not offer transport to their new home. The adopters must travel to the foster home in Virginia to collect the dog. The rescue does not re-home dogs to families that have children under 10 years old.

Each adopted dog will have had health checks including vaccinations, neutering if needed and flea, tick and worm preventative medication. 

Adoption fees vary depending on the dog, and younger rescue dogs often have a higher adoption cost in order to fund future treatments within the organization. The adoption fee usually ranges between $500 – $800.

Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue, Fairfax, VA. 22033

7. Poodle Rescue of New England

Poodle Rescue of New England was founded in 2002 and is a not-for-profit organization that aims to re-home Poodles and Poodle crosses in states including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and upstate New York.

The adoption process includes completing a comprehensive application form. Exclusions are in place for families that have children under 10 years old, have electric, underground, or invisible fencing and the organization does not re-home animals out of the listed states.

Dogs are matched to adopters from their applications so that they are best suited for their needs. As a result of this, it is hard to estimate the wait time from the point of application to adoption.

Following an application, the adopter will receive a telephone interview to discuss living arrangements. The rescue also likes to check the adopter’s current veterinary practice and groomers for a reference.

Following the telephone interview, a home visit is usually required before the adopter finally meets the dog that has been matched to them. On the day of adoption, a legally binding contract must be signed by the adopter.

Adoption fees range from $300 – $800 and this is set by the organization. All adoptive animals will be health checked, neutered, and receive vaccinations prior to adoption.

Poodle Rescue of New England, P.O. Box 441447, Somerville, MA, 02144-0012


maltipoo rescue USA
Maltipoos are fun loving, affectionate and easy to train


Why Should You Adopt A Maltipoo?

Maltipoos make a fantastic addition to any family and also make great first-time dogs for novice owners. 

Maltipoos can be considered a hypoallergenic breed as fewer people tend to have allergies due to the poodle fur found within the crossbreed. The poodle fur produces less dander and has minimal shedding capabilities. It is the dander and fur that often triggers allergies.

Poodles are highly intelligent making Maltipoos easy to train and teach new skills very quickly. They are active, fun-loving, and enjoy going for plenty of human interaction and long walks.

Over time, there may be an increased number of Maltipoos available for adoption. Maltipoos are often seen as a modern ‘designer’ breed and there is a significant rise in the trend of crossing different dog breeds with Poodles. 

The more popular a breed, the more there are of them there are in the USA, and the more there will be available for adoption.

Adopting a Maltipoo, or any dog, is not only a great outcome for the dog but also rewarding for the adopter and the rescue shelter. Rescuing dogs stops unnecessary euthanasia of healthy animals due to overcrowding in shelters, and gives dogs a second chance to find their forever homes.

What To Consider Before You Rescue A Maltipoo?

A considerable amount of thought and preparation should be undertaken before adopting any dog. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have time to give the animal the required care?
Am I in a financial position to be able to adopt a dog, fund medical treatment, vaccinations, and emergency vet bills?
Do I have knowledge of dog training and behavior?
Can I give the dog a forever home?


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Where breeds soar in popularity, they can become difficult to find – particularly in the case of rescues, which is often a more budget-friendly route to acquiring a furry friend. With this in mind you should enter the process expecting that it may take some time to achieve. 

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Due to Maltipoos usually having poodle-type fur, regular grooming will be required. Poodle fur is often tight and curly in appearance and is prone to matting so regular brushing should be carried out to prevent the fur from knotting and becoming uncomfortable for the dog. If regular brushing can not be carried out, then consideration should be given to more regular grooming appointments.

It is also important to consider that it is impossible to know a rescue dog’s background. Some dogs may have been neglected or treated badly in the past, so behavioral problems may be an issue. Likewise, some dogs may not be house-trained, so extra time may be required to establish house rules.

If you are able to offer a home to a rescue dog, no matter what the breed, then it will provide you with a great deal of satisfaction, and in return, you will receive endless amounts of love from an eternally grateful little pooch!

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