Doodle Rescue Ohio – 19 Best Doodle Rescue Centres

If you’re looking to adopt a doodle dog we have taken some of the leg work out of your search. Here’s our list of top centers for doodle rescue Ohio to help you on your way.

Although it’s a good idea to regularly check the local shelters listed below, many of them use third-party platforms to advertise their dogs.

These platforms have many thousands of dogs looking for their forever home at any given time. Searches can be filtered by breed + location (doodle + Ohio) and will generally provide you with the best opportunity of adopting such a popular breed.

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Why are Doodles so popular?

‘Doodles’ have soared in popularity in recent years. Crossing a variety of breeds with the poodle has resulted in a choice of quirkily named, good-natured family dogs who are in high demand.

You may find they are advertised as ‘hypoallergenic’ and although this may be a stretch, as there are no guarantees with regards to allergies, they are low shedding, which is appealing for those who react to pet hair and don’t want to get the vacuum out twice a day.

Doodles generally display the best traits of each of the parent breeds. They are also incredibly attractive dogs, adorably teddy-like as puppies, easy to train, great for families or individuals, fun characters, and just generally good company. 

There are goldendoodles, mini bernedoodles, micro sheepadoodles, labradoodles, maltipoos, cockapoos, and endless other combinations, and demand has not dwindled despite some concerns about some health conditions such as dysplasia.

Recent years have seen the cost of doodle puppies soar in response to demand, increasing by as much as 300% in some prices. 

An increase in the number of doodle dogs being homed in the US ultimately will result in increased numbers of doodle dogs needing to be rehomed. 

Although sad for the dogs, it’s good for you if you’re looking to both help an animal in need of a loving forever home and also avoid the sky-high costs from doodle breeders.

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Adoption Websites

These popular platforms are a great place to start your search for doodle rescue in Ohio. 

The websites are often used by the smaller rescue centers as it helps to reach larger audiences of potential homes for the pets listed, they receive lots of web visitors, and have a huge social media following, so it makes good sense. 

They also have great search facilities with a large database of rescue dogs and email alerts, so they are very user-friendly. As dedicated services, they are often more frequently updated and reliable than individual center websites too.

1. Adopt A Pet

Adopt a pet is a very popular specialist re-homing website, where shelters, rescue centers, and individuals can list animals who are up for adoption. 

It is a popular choice for many organizations nationally and has thousands of listings at any one time making it a great place to start your doodle search.

The website is easy to use and has a comprehensive search facility where you can narrow down your choices by age, location and breed. If there is nothing at the time of your visit you are able to sign up for email alerts to let you know when new suitable listings are placed.

Be sure to read each animal’s description thoroughly to find out more about how to begin the adoption process as each listing is different, and each shelter has different processes.

At the time of writing, there were no goldendoodles or cockapoos in Ohio, but if you are willing to travel there were 18 available within 250 miles. So definitely a worthwhile place to start your search.

2. Petfinder

Petfinder is another large search platform for animals in need of adoption, and is used by many of the shelters and rescue centers to list their animals. There are many thousands of listings at any one time, and it is a great start to your search for a doodle dog.

At the time of writing there were 20 results when searching for:

Cavapoo + Bernedoodle + Cockapoo + Goldendoodle + Labradoodle + Maltipoo + Schnoodle + Sheepadoodle + Shih poo

within 100 miles of Ohio

You can easily select doodle breeds from a drop-down and search by the age, location, and size of the dogs available. You can also sign up for alerts when new doodles are listed.

Looking for more pet adoption websites? Click Here

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National Doodle Rescue Centres

Willing to travel? Check out specific rescue centers across the US. Here are 5 of the best doodle rescue shelters;

3. IDOG Rescue

Founded in 2006, IDOG rescue specializes in rehoming doodle breeds and offer foster care to Labradoodles and Goldendoodles throughout the US.

They work to take doodles into their care from shelters and rescue centers and help to rehome dogs directly from owners who need their support.

With specialist knowledge of Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, IDOG take great care to match the dogs with a family and home that will meet their needs.

Applications must be made for the specific doodles listed, if you are unsuccessful a new application will have to be made for the next dog that you wish to apply for. 

They do state that the number of great applications they have far outweigh the number of animals that come into their care, but nevertheless, if you are looking for a goldendoodle or labradoodle this is a great place to look.

4. Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective

A dedicated rehoming service for doodle dogs established in 2009, Oodles of Doodles specialize in taking care of poodles, labradoodles, goldendoodles, schnoodles, ‘fuzzy critters’, and any other dogs that come under the doodle umbrella.

They do not have a physical address but are a network of foster carers across North America, who work to take care of the dogs until their forever homes can be found. 

Although adopting through Oodles of Doodles may involve some travel, the fact that they deal with doodle-specific breeds is definitely an advantage when you are looking to adopt.

5. Doodle Rescue Collective

The Doodle Rescue Collective, NJ are a group of volunteer dog foster carers who help to rehome and support the owners of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Again the DRC does not have a physical address and is comprised of home based volunteers throughout the US and Canada.

The DRC have collated a number of resources that are useful to both prospective and existing doodle owners and you can complete your application to adopt on their website.

6. Just Doodles and Friends Rescue

Just Doodles and Friends is a breed specific rescue organization licensed in Rhode Island, so some travel would be required in order to rescue one of their dogs. They consist of home based volunteers who provide foster care for the dogs until they can be adopted.

They rescue goldendoodles and labradoodles as well as all types of cute and fuzzy poodle and terrier type mixes so it’s a great place to try when you are wanting to adopt a doodle.

7. Doodle Dandy Rescue

Doodle Dandy Rescue is a Texas-based organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of doodle dogs. 

The group have built solid relationships and is in active engagement with shelters throughout Texas. They rescue doodle dogs to ensure they have the best chance possible to find a new loving home.

Information on each of the dogs that need a new home is listed and pictured on their website and you can also view the pets who aren’t quite ready to be adopted but are currently in foster care and may come up in the near future.

Local Shelters & Rescue Centers

You should keep in mind that the organizations that look after dogs waiting for a forever home are mostly run by volunteers. They can often be short staffed and their priorities are taking care of the dogs rather than keeping on top of the administration.

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With this in mind it is worth knowing your local rescue centers, pounds and shelters in order to contact them and keep up with news of any that become available for adoption. 

If their opening hours do not state ‘appointment only’, then it may also be worthwhile visiting them in person if you are struggling to get a response via phone or email.

8. All Dogs Come From Heaven

Operated by a team of volunteers, All Dogs Come From Heaven are based in the community of Amelia in Clermont County, Ohio. 

Their goal is to find the right permanent loving home for each of their rescues, and they have trainers on-site who work with the animals during their spell at the rescue center, and with their adopter once they have found a new home. 

They post their dogs on petfinder and you can complete an application to adopt on their organization’s website:

1894 Ohio Pike, Amelia, Ohio 45102

(513) 519-9094

9. Fairfield County Dog Adoption Center & Shelter

Fairfield County Dog Adoption Center & Shelter is based in Lancaster, Ohio. A county run facility, they aim to rehome adoptable dogs and keep safe any lost pets until they are reunited with their owners. 

You can browse the adoptable dogs available online and make your application online or via mail.

1715 Granville Pike, Lancaster, Ohio 43130


10. Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center

Franklin County Dog Shelter is a center that assists in reuniting lost pets with their owners as well as handling dog adoption and fostering. As a county run facility, the service includes investigating complaints, impounding dangerous and stray dogs, and helping the police force as needed. 

Adoption fees are tiered and depend on the dog’s age and how long they have been in the shelter.

4340 Tamarack Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229

(614) 525-DOGS (3647)

11.Save The Animals Foundation

STAF is run by volunteers, funded by donations and fundraisers, and operates a no-kill policy. They strive to find loving homes for each and every animal that comes into their care. 

Adoption applications include an informal interview and they work hard to ensure a perfect match between dog and lifestyle. 

STAF hold a number of fundraising and awareness events throughout the year which are a great opportunity to donate and also meet the dogs in residence available for adoption.

4011 Red Bank Road Cincinnati, OH 45227

513.561.7823 (STAF)

12. Freedom Tails Ohio

Freedom Tails Ohio Animal Rescue specializes in rehoming retired breeding dogs and is entirely supported by volunteers and foster carers. 

They post new animals on their very active social media accounts, so following them is a great way to look out for any doodle dogs that might come up for adoption. 

At the time of writing a pair of ‘poogles’ (beagle/poodle cross) have just been posted, also 2 ‘old mini berna-doodles’ and a labradoodle have been posted in recent weeks, so worth keeping an eye on for doodle adoption.

13. Multiple Breed Rescue

MBR is run by a group of volunteers who take care of dogs from high kill shelters, county pounds and animals who have been mistreated or have other needs. 

With no facility the dogs are almost entirely in the care of foster homes. The group are very active on social media and worth keeping up with if you’re on the lookout for a doodle.

14. Cleveland Animal Protective League

Established in 1913, the Cleveland Animal Protective League run a number of programs to save the lives of animals. Their core values aim to end animal suffering and they run foster and adoption programs to help all animals get the ‘happily ever after’ they deserve.

1729 Willey Avenue | Cleveland, OH 44113


15. Parma Animal Shelter

Based in Parma, Ohio the PAS works to help abandoned and stray animals find forever homes. Run by volunteers, the shelter has all the info on their website about dog adoptions and you can see the dogs currently in need of homes on the adopt-a-pet platform.

6260 State Road, Parma, Ohio 44134


16. Pets Without Parents

A no-kill shelter based in Columbus, Pets Without Parents seek foster parents and permanent homes for the animals that they care for. The shelter was founded in 2001 and houses all breeds of dogs. 

Visits are strictly by appointment only and you can view the dogs in need of adoption on their website. You can also sign up for updates via email too, so a good way to look out for any doodles that might come in.

629 Oakland Park Ave, Columbus, OH 43214

(614) 267-[PAWS] 7297

17. Licking County Humane Society

LCHS is a non profit, no kill shelter in Heath, Ohio. They run a number of programs to rescue, home and foster animals, and offer low cost health clinics and obedience classes for the animals of the county. 

Animals available for adoption are available to view on the website. At the time of writing there is a labradoodle named Dakota looking for his forever home.

825 Thornwood Drive, Heath, OH 43056

(740) 323-2100

18. Canine Collective Ohio Dog Rescue

Canine Collective are based in Plain City, Ohio and are an all breed rescue center. They have a no kill policy and take in dogs from a variety of situations including those who are at risk of being euthanized at other kennels if they are unable to find homes. 

You can view many of their current adoptable dogs on their website via petfinder and complete an application to adopt on the shelter’s website.

11144 US-42, Plain City, OH 43064

19.Medina County Animal Shelter, Ohio

The Medina County Animal Shelter is county run and self funded, they do not provide full veterinary screening as they are not required to employ a vet legally so it’s advisable to register with your local vet and attend a health check if you do adopt a doodle from here.

MCAS tend to have a less vigilant application process than some other shelters and the adoption fee is also very reasonable at around $64 and includes a dog license. They do shelter several hundred dogs at any one time and so your chances of locating a rescue doodle here are good

6334 Deerview Lane, Medina, OH 44256



FAQ Section Doodle Rescue Ohio

What should I consider before adopting a doodle?

Depending on the mix of your doodle, there are many considerations. Younger doodles, in particular, require a good amount of exercise, there is quite a variation in doodle sizes – goldendoodles or labradoodles are larger in size and they’ll need a good walk and freedom to play in your yard. 

Smaller breeds are still lively and will need to be properly exercised and they’ll all definitely need stimulation in the form of games and training as doodles are pretty smart, if they get bored you might find yourself with some destructive or problematic behavior.

Doodles are generally very bright and easy to train, but if you are rehoming a mistreated dog or one with behavioral issues then you’ll need to put a little more work into it. They’ll need to be socialized from the word go – to learn how to accept visitors to the home and how to behave on a walk.

Doodle breeds tend to be low shedding, and while this is a definite plus in terms of keeping your house clean or avoiding problems with allergies, they do require a good groom! 

They should ideally be brushed daily as due to the low shed, they are prone to matting. So you should give consideration to dog grooming costs to keep them looking and feeling good.

There are some health considerations to think about too. Poos/doodles are prone to hip and knee dysplasia, eye problems, and some heart conditions.

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Can I foster before adopting a doodle?

Too right you can! Many of the breed-specific doodle rescues are a great opportunity to home a labradoodle or goldendoodle, or whichever oodle, doodle, poo or fuzzy dog you hope to adopt permanently, and they generally comprise of volunteer foster homes that are ready to take in doodles in need. 

Fostering such a popular breed is a great start to helping your application so reach out and volunteer.

Will all of the dogs be up to date on their vaccines and be spayed/neutered?

The answer to this is usually yes. Many of the adoption fees and donations go towards making sure the doodles are in good health and at a very minimum will include vaccinations. 

Most will include license fees, microchipping, spay and neutering, and some will also include behavioral assessment and ongoing support. This does depend on the organization you adopt from and you can usually find the information on what is included on their websites quite easily.

How can I find doodle rescues in Ohio?

The shelters and rescues listed in this article are a great place to start. Doodles are a popular breed and are sought after, so keeping up to date on social media, signing up for email newsletters, and regularly checking their websites is a good idea. 

Many of the organizations use the larger national website platforms to list the dogs they currently have in, so sign up for all of the alerts and keep your eyes peeled!

How do the shelters make decisions on adoption applications?

The outcome of applications will be focused on the dog in question and its needs. Generally, doodle dogs are very sociable and lively and so your home and outside space will be considered as it is important for their welfare. 

They will need to be in a safe environment. It is likely that they will favor applications that state that the dog will not be left for long periods of time. Likewise your family setup will also matter. 

It’s possible that dogs having gone into rescue will have additional training needs and they might not be suitable for being homed with young children. But this does all depend on the dog in question, and you should not be discouraged if you are unsuccessful at first.

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Are there doodle adoption waiting lists?

This depends on the rescue center in question. We have seen a trend of centers stipulating that applications must be directly for a specific animal. 

We gather this is in response to an ever increasing popularity of the breeds, and a general increase in demand for dog adoption post COVID. Plus it does go some way to reducing administration where shelters are reliant on voluntary help and often understaffed. So applications are often made for each and every dog you have an interest in, rather than your details being kept on file and you are notified when a suitable doodle becomes available.

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