8 doodle rescues in California

Doodles are becoming increasingly popular in the USA. From Goldendoodles, Mini goldendoodles and Doberdoodles to Mini Bernedoodles, Maltipoos, and Aussiedoodles, there is a wide variety to choose from so you can easily find a Doodle to fit your lifestyle.

If you would like to give a rescue dog a new home, there are several doodle rescue California centers with various kinds of doodles available for adoption.

That said, they are very popular so it is worth checking the rescue centers regularly and making sure they have your details so they can contact you if a suitable Doodle comes in. 

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Here are a few tips to help you find your new Doodle best friend.

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1. Pet Adoption Websites (nationwide)

Pet adoption websites can be a useful way to find a Doodle for adoption in California.

You can use petfinder.com or adoptapet.com to search for Goldendoodles or Mini Goldendoodles.

The Central California SPCA also lists dogs and puppies for adoption on their website, Labradoodles, Toy Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles are occasionally available. 

2. California Doodle Rescue

California Doodle Rescue aims to closely match Doodles with the right families.

They look for adopters who have previously owned a dog and have a fully fenced yard.

They ask adopters to be realistic about the challenges that may come with adopting a rescue Doodle, such as initial sleepless nights and potty training accidents.

California Doodle Rescue currently has a Miniature Australian Labradoodle and a Maltipoo for adoption.

Adoption fees depend on the age and condition of the dog.

If you would like to adopt a Doodle, you will need to fill out the adoption application form on their website and they will contact you if they have any suitable Doodles available. The adoption process includes a meet and greet with the whole family (including any pets you already have) and a home check if possible.

[email protected]

3. The Doodle Rescue Collective

The Doodle Rescue Collective operates nationwide through a network of foster homes, meaning that their Doodles don’t have to go into a shelter.

The DRC has rehomed over 4000 Labradoodles and Goldendoodles since it was founded in 2008. DRC Dogs available in the California area are listed on Petfinder.

You will need to complete the application form on their website and they ask that you are a minimum age of 21 and have a fenced-in yard.

The adoption fee is between $300 and $1000 depending on the age, size, and health of the dog.

It is worth noting that the DRC does not rehome to homes with children under 10 years old. They provide lots of advice and support to Doodle adopters and they have plenty of useful information on their website

Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. 77 Buttonwoods Ave. Warwick, RI 02886

There are a number of California- based dog rescue organizations that don’t specialize in Doodles but may occasionally have Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles or Doodle puppies for adoption.

4. Central California SPCA

You can visit the Central California SPCA Adoption Centre in Fresno, CA. They are open daily 10am-4pm, except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

They also have a mobile adoption center that travels around Fresno City. Check out their Facebook page for up-to-date details of Doodles that may be available.

Their adoption fee for dogs less than 6 years old is $180 and for dogs older than this the adoption fee is $150. Included with this fee is your Fresno City dog license, dewormer, flea and tick treatment, spay/ neutering, first vaccination, and microchip. They also provide post-rehoming advice and support to new owners.

Central California SPCA, 103 S Hughes Ave, Fresno, CA 93706,

559-233-7722 ext.116

5. Lovebugs Rescue

Lovebugs Rescue is based in Corona Del Mar, CA and they sometimes have Doodles available for adoption.

Lovebugs was founded in 2010 and is a foster-based organization run by volunteers.

They ask that you complete the application form on their website and they will contact you if they have any Doodles that are a good match.

Adoptions fees range from $150- $500 depending on the dog.

Lovebugs don’t currently have any Doodles available but they do come up from time to time so if you are looking for a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle for adoption in Southern California, it is certainly worth getting in contact with them.

All dogs come with a health check, are spayed or neutered, microchipped, treated for parasites, and are vaccinated.

Lovebugs Rescue can be contacted via email and they also have a Facebook page where they list dogs available for adoption.

Lovebugs Rescue PO Box 953, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

6. Dogs Without Borders

Dogs Without Borders is a foster-based rescue in Los Angeles, CA. They currently have a Havapoo and a Maltipoo available for adoption so it is certainly worth contacting them if you are looking for a rescue Doodle in Los Angeles.

Their dogs for adoption are listed on their website and also on their Facebook page.

They only rehome to adopters in the Los Angeles area and the adoption fee varies depending on the age of the dog. There is an adoption application form on their website.

DWB have rehomed over 6000 dogs since they were founded. 

Dogs Without Borders P.O. Box 17344 Encino‎, CA‎ 91416

7. Sugar Pine Doodles

Sugar Pine Doodles is an Australian Labradoodle breeder who sometimes rescues Doodles in order to responsibly rehome them.

They are based in Pioneer, Amador County, CA so it would be a good idea to contact them if you are looking for a rescue Doodle in the area.

They ask that you email them with information about your lifestyle and the home you can offer, then they will contact you if any suitable rescue Doodles become available.

They offer a one-month trial period when you take your Doodle home.

8. NorCal Poodle Rescue

NorCal Poodle Rescue has been rescuing and re-homing poodles and poodle mixes since 1985.

They pull Poodles and Doodles from other rescue centers and look after them in foster homes. They often have Doodles available for re-homing and these are listed on their website and also on their Facebook page.

If you see a Doodle that interests you, fill in the adoption form on their website and they will get in touch with you. All Doodles will be groomed, microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered, either before adoption or once you get them home- this is included in the adoption fee, which ranges from $250 to $500 for a Doodle, depending on their size, health, and age.

They offer a two-week trial period, during which you can return your dog if things don’t work out.

They will refund your adoption fee during this period. After the trial period, you can return your dog at any point but you won’t receive a refund. NorCal Poodle Rescue provides advice and support to help you with your Doodle during the first few weeks. 

Norcal Poodle Rescue 10126 Alta Sierra Dr # 282 Grass Valley, CA 95949

FAQ’s for Doodle Rescue California

Why should I adopt a Doodle?

Doodles can make fantastic pets! They are affectionate and form close relationships with their owners. They tend to be intelligent, easy to train and are usually good with children.

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They can be full of energy and love nothing more than a day hiking in the mountains with their family. If you live a quieter life, an older Doodle will love to snuggle on the sofa with you.

Depending on the Doodle mix, they come in a variety of sizes and coat colors. Many Doodles find themselves needing a home through no fault of their own and they can make a great addition to your family.

What to consider before you rescue a doodle…

Most Doodles will need regular grooming by a professional dog groomer to keep their coat in good condition.

They are active dogs who need regular exercise, so you need to be prepared to go out whatever the weather! It is important to consider why they were at the rescue organization in the first place.

Some dogs are re-homed because they have behavior problems so it is important to discuss this thoroughly with the rescue organization.

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Your Doodle will need time to settle into your home so you will need to plan ahead for this, you may need to take some time off work to make sure things go smoothly.

Your Doodle may need training and socialization so it would be a good idea to contact your local dog training club to see what they offer.

Re-homing a Doodle is incredibly rewarding but it is important to take your time, do your research and make sure you find the right dog for you.


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