Aussie Mountain Doodle – An Owner’s Guide

aussie mountain doodle

There are a variety of weird and wonderful breeds across the globe, all of which promote different ‘ideals’ and ‘benefits’. In recent years, crossing a variety of breeds with the Poodle is a trend that has soared. There are all kinds of ‘oodles’ and ‘doodles’ from Cockapoos and Cavapoochons, to Labradoodles and even Doberdoodles! But in … Read more

Do Dobermans shed?

do dobermans shed

Do Dobermans shed? Yes they do, but only a little. Coat length and ease of maintenance is an important consideration when choosing a new dog. If you are considering buying or adopting one of these beautiful hounds, you may be wondering if Doberman Pinschers shed.  You probably also have many other questions about the Doberman, … Read more

Golden doodle black: The complete guide

golden doodle black

Goldendoodles- what’s not to love?! Affectionate, playful and highly trainable, they are extremely popular in the U.S. Did you know that Goldendoodles do not have to be golden?! If you’ve ever wondered “Can a Goldendoodle be black?” The answer is yes, they can!  You may have arrived at this article wanting to find out more about … Read more

The Doberdoodle – everything you need to know!


Poodle crossbreeds have soared in popularity in recent years due to their cute looks, glorious personalities, and low shedding, hypoallergenic fur.  But have you ever heard of a Doberdoodle? Think of the curly wurly Poodle and the handsome Doberman … put them together and viola – the Doberdoodle is born!  Let’s explore their breed characteristics and find … Read more

How to find a reputable dog breeder

how to find a reputable dog breeder

Although there are many reasons to adopt a shelter or rescue dog and it is undoubtedly a rewarding and worthwhile thing to do, there are also many reasons why you may choose to buy a dog from a breeder instead.  You will know much more about the dog’s history, what breed it is and what … Read more

The Cavapoochon – everything you need to know!


Poodle crossbreeds have become increasingly popular on account of their low shedding coats, trainability, and quite frankly, how blinkin’ cute they are!  One breed that has soared in popularity is the Cavapoochon. Take the charm of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKC), the brains of the Poodle, and the small, tight coat of the Bichon … Read more

An Owner’s Guide to the Long Haired Dalmatian

long haired dalmatian

Dalmatians are instantly recognizable, known all over the world for their unique spotted coat pattern. When you think of a Dalmatian, their athletic build and short, smooth coat instantly come to mind. But did you know that Dalmatians are sometimes born with longer coats? Read on to find out more about the Long-Haired Dalmatian… Table … Read more

Micro Sheepadoodle: 12 Things You Should Know

micro sheepadoodle

Poodle crossbreeds are quite frankly, becoming a global phenomenon! You’ve got your cockapoos, labradoodles, goldendoodles, aussiedoodles, maltipoos … but have you ever heard of a micro sheepadoodle?  These miniature breeds are totally adorable. Let’s delve into the wonderful doodle world and take a look at the care that is required for a micro sheepadoodle, how … Read more

16 things to know about the Fluffy Corgi

fluffy corgi

You may never have heard of a Fluffy Corgi. These little treasures are not common and you’re quite unlikely to come across one on your daily walk.  If you have been lucky enough to meet a Fluffy Corgi, you may have been left wanting to know more about them. And on that note, here’s all … Read more