what do dogs think about?

what do dogs think about?

Have you ever wondered what dogs think about? For many dog owners, this is one of life’s big questions.  Dogs share our lives, our homes, and even our beds. It can feel like we have a really strong connection with them, yet there are still so many things we don‘t know about what goes on … Read more

Digging deeper: Why do dogs bury bones?

why do dogs bury bones?

Why do dogs bury bones? Most dog owners will, at some point, discover an item of food carefully stashed away by their dog. This might be a few pieces of kibble under a sofa cushion, or if they are really lucky, a pig’s ear under their pillow! Have you ever wondered why your dog will … Read more

Canine Humor: Can dogs laugh?

can dogs laugh?

All dog owners want their dogs to enjoy life, but how can we tell if they are happy? In humans, laughing and smiling are sure signs that we are enjoying ourselves, but is the same true for dogs?  Do dogs laugh? Can dogs smile when they are having fun? In this article we will answer … Read more

Can dogs look up? 10 dog vision FAQs answered

can dogs look up

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through your dog’s eyes? You are not alone. Most dog owners will ponder this at some point, and scientists are interested in it too.  In fact, recent advances in science and technology have given us a much better understanding of the way our canine companions process … Read more

Strange behavior after neutering dog FAQs

strange behavior after neutering dog

Strange dog behavior after neutering- all you need to know Neutering is the term used to describe castrating a male dog (removing his testicles) or spaying a female dog (removing her ovaries, fallopian tubes and her uterus). Neutering is often also called ‘fixing’.  Neutering is usually done to prevent unwanted pregnancy, prevent some health problems, and in some cases, … Read more

Why do dogs cry in their sleep?

why do dogs cry in their sleep

Many dog owners will hear their dogs crying in their sleep from time to time. This can be worrying and a little upsetting, especially for a first-time dog owner who has not experienced this before.  You may have noticed your dog yelping, whimpering or even screaming in his sleep and felt concerned. If you’ve ever … Read more

Why does my dog lay on me?

why does my dog lay on me

It is very common for dogs to lay on their owners and there are many possible reasons why they might show this behavior.  Since their domestication around 30,000 years ago, dogs have developed a range of behaviors designed to maintain a close proximity to humans as a species. This is because the success of their … Read more

why do dogs sleep on their backs?

why do dogs sleep on their backs?

Dogs sleep a lot! Anyone who owns a dog will tell you that they like nothing more than an afternoon nap or a mid-morning snooze.  Because they sleep so much, they are often asleep while we are awake and it is all too easy to find yourself watching your dog while he is deep in … Read more