Nutty treats: Can dogs have peanut butter?

can dogs have peanut butter

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter? Peanut butter is a tasty and nutritious snack for humans, and there is no doubt that many dogs love it too.But is peanut butter safe for dogs and should we be feeding it to them?  If peanut butter is your favorite treat and you want to know whether you can … Read more

Why are my dog’s eyes red: Common Causes and Solutions

why are my dogs eyes red

Why are my dogs eyes red? The appearance of your dogs’ eyes can give useful clues about whether they are feeling happy or sad, stressed or relaxed, excited or tired.  They can also tell us about our dog’s health- changes in the appearance of your dog’s eyes can be the first indication that something isn’t … Read more

what do dogs think about?

what do dogs think about?

Have you ever wondered what dogs think about? For many dog owners, this is one of life’s big questions.  Dogs share our lives, our homes, and even our beds. It can feel like we have a really strong connection with them, yet there are still so many things we don‘t know about what goes on … Read more

Digging deeper: Why do dogs bury bones?

why do dogs bury bones?

Why do dogs bury bones? Most dog owners will, at some point, discover an item of food carefully stashed away by their dog. This might be a few pieces of kibble under a sofa cushion, or if they are really lucky, a pig’s ear under their pillow! Have you ever wondered why your dog will … Read more

Canine Humor: Can dogs laugh?

can dogs laugh?

All dog owners want their dogs to enjoy life, but how can we tell if they are happy? In humans, laughing and smiling are sure signs that we are enjoying ourselves, but is the same true for dogs?  Do dogs laugh? Can dogs smile when they are having fun? In this article we will answer … Read more

9 Best French Bulldog Rescue NC Shelters

french bulldog rescue nc

French bulldogs are becoming increasingly popular all over the US. They have great characters, their coats are easy to care for and their size means they are adaptable to most lifestyles. But where should you look if you live in North Carolina and are hoping to add a French bulldog to your family? Your two … Read more