Carrot, pear and peanut butter dog treats recipe

peanut butter dog treats

Homemade treats for your dog are a great way to offer your pooch a reward while knowing exactly what’s in there. These fantastic peanut butter dog treats with oats also include some well-known superfoods for dogs – so they are not only enjoying a tasty bite, but they’re also getting a bunch of health-boosting nutrition. This homemade … Read more

Razor Edge Pitbull: An Owner’s Guide

razor edge pitbull

Razor Edge Pitbulls are known for their good temperament and sturdy appearance. They may sound a little scary but as we will see, these dogs tend to be gentle giants and they are becoming more popular as companions in US households. Table of Contents Physical characteristics of the Razor Edge Pitbull Razor Edge Pitbulls tend … Read more

Can my dog have some Cheerios?

can dogs eat cheerios

Can dogs eat Cheerios? The answer is yes. Dogs can eat plain and wholegrain Cheerios.  There is no need to worry if your dog has eaten Cheerios, and no need to rush to seek veterinary advice unless they are displaying any adverse symptoms. Cheerios are designed for human consumption and although not harmful to your … Read more