Here at Absolutely Pawesome we are passionate about everything dog related! As lifelong dog lovers and owners, we have rescued dogs, raised them from puppies, bred them, loved them, cherished them, taken care of them, and (sadly) grieved for them.

We have also volunteered in rescue shelters, and fostered dogs in our own home until they have found their happy new family.

This is Noodles our cockapoo, currently our only dog at home (not sure how long she’ll be on her own for though!) We also currently have 3 rescue cats (who Noodles tries and fails to show who’s boss!) Posh Paws, Slippers and Dave. 

We have often found ourselves frustrated at trying to locate information online and we decided to start putting everything together in one place, to hopefully be useful to other dog owners and potential dog owners too.

We have also frequently been asked for help and advice on dog related issues from friends and family and we figured that others must want to find out this stuff too. So here it is – Absolutely Pawesome!

We have put together a diverse range of information in an easy to find way, and we hope you like it! Feedback or suggestions are always welcome so feel free to contact us if you’d like to give us your comments.